New start-up Cab Guru

New start-up Cab Guru raises £2 Million fund to launch its taxi cab comparison app

New start-up Cab Guru raises over £2 million in funding to launch its taxi cab comparison app.

The comparison app helps customers compare and book licensed taxis UK-wide.

Cab Guru joins forces with over 300 major UK private and taxi companies in the hopes of competing with Uber, by giving customers real-time information to compare prices and book cabs nationwide.

New start-up Cab Guru
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Cab Guru’s Marketing Manager, Danielle Kinsella, says: “Cab Guru is about being helpful to customers. If you’re in a town or city you don’t know, it’s difficult to book a cab.

“We’re making it easy to find, compare prices and book a cab no matter where in the UK you are.

“The private hire and taxi industry has been disrupted significantly in recent years. Cab Guru’s aim is to help strengthen and protect the UK’s local cab companies and give them the ability to compete alongside new technology disruptors.

“We soft-launched the app back in December and have been adding licensed Private Hire and Taxi companies since then.

“We currently have over 10,000 cabs available in London and 15,000+ across the UK, which is considered to be the largest online cab fleet in the UK. We’re aiming for 50,000 taxis and cabs to be available in the app within the first 12 months.”

Cab Guru plans to invest the £2 million fund into making the app accessible everywhere across the UK.

Currently, where Cab Guru has no partner coverage, customers are instead given a list of local cab companies to make their own direct bookings.