HR chatbot

Future Of HR: Will your next manager be a chatbot?

In these challenging times, there’s no doubt in my mind that technological advances in AI are set to propel the HR function into the unknown. Failure to adopt this new technology will be a risk to our competitive advantage. Our world is constantly changing and since the onset of the industrial revolution, our working lives […]

social media

Social Media And The Face Of Public Relations

Social media is powerful and not understanding or liking it is no longer an excuse to not use it because when used correctly social media can lead to more business. Media relations is a part of public relations which many start-up companies tend to focus on when assigning PR consultants and agencies. It is a […]

social impact

Getting the right partnership for your social impact business

There is a magical space when you want to have a positive social impact and you come together with someone equally as passionate and you start working together. Through conversation, you realise what values you operate from, what assumptions you make about life and what principles influence your decision-making. For example, let’s say you both […]


How To: Balance Running A Business and Family Life

Raising a family in this day and age isn’t easy when one member of the partnership is working full time – Let’s face it, one salary is seldom enough to provide for everything these days. This also leaves a huge amount of pressure on the other parent to raise a family while generating some form […]


Prepare Your Speech Like A Tasty Three-Course Meal

A great speech is like a great meal – It should be enjoyed by both the speaker (chef) and the audience (diners), and be remembered long after the feast. Like a good waiter, one would wish to deliver a speech with panache. Just like cooking a three-course meal, the key to a successful speech is […]

Make A Change

Four Short Ways To Talk About Change In Your Business And Get A Positive Response

The beauty of being in charge is knowing firsthand how your business is performing and when a change needs to happen to make it perform better. Change is inevitable and those you lead would not always feel the same way. You need your team’s involvement to make these changes work in the long run so […]

PR Advice - Starting up your reputation

PR Advice For Startups – Starting Up Your Reputation

PR advice – Reputation for startups may seem like putting the cart before the horse. One of the many challenges startups face is the fact that they are known for nothing, have no track record nor any established clients to vouch for them. But the truth is – reputation is the single most important intangible […]