Prepare Your Speech Like A Tasty Three-Course Meal

A great speech is like a great meal – It should be enjoyed by both the speaker (chef) and the audience (diners), and be remembered long after the feast.

Like a good waiter, one would wish to deliver a speech with panache.

Just like cooking a three-course meal, the key to a successful speech is preparation and planning. The speech needs to be crafted and delivered in a manner which allows full audience participation. 

Speakers and speech writers often refer to the ‘Power of Three’; whereby an effective speech needs to have an interesting introduction, a well-constructed middle, and a conclusion which wraps up the speech.

In short 3 easy steps, how does comparing your speech to a ‘three-course meal’ help you become a better speaker? 

The Appetizer

In the introduction the speaker whets the appetite by briefly outlining the content of the speech. If appropriate, it can be helpful to sprinkle in a little humour.

This gives the audience permission to relax and to sit back in preparation for the delivery.

The Entrée

The middle of the speech is the main course. It is the part which needs to give the most sustenance so aim to make no more than three points – expand on each point and let it flow gently towards the next. 

Leave no room for incongruence in a speech. The audience needs to know where you are taking them and the ingredients need to work together.

The Dessert

The conclusion is a reiteration of the introduction and the confirmation of the middle. It is the cup of coffee or glass of wine at the end of the meal, which gives the feeling full factor.

In the introduction you told them what you were going to say. In the middle you expanded on this, and you completed your speech with the conclusion which reminded them of the previous two courses. 

Post By – Christine Rusk, Area Director, Toastmasters International.