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Social Media And The Face Of Public Relations

Social media is powerful and not understanding or liking it is no longer an excuse to not use it because when used correctly social media can lead to more business. Media relations is a part of public relations which many start-up companies tend to focus on when assigning PR consultants and agencies. It is a […]


8 Steps To Profitable Sustainability

There are eight ways in which companies can engage employees to foster business sustainability – and in doing so improve profits. CB Bhattacharya, founder of the Center for Sustainable Business (CSB) at European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany, shares his tips on how companies can strengthen their stakeholder relationships.  We should all aspire […]

Your Business

Control Your Business Targets And Not Vice Versa

Setting your business targets can help you focus on what you want to achieve but it can also damage just as much as it can inspire. Targets can be great – helping you understand where you are going and how to get there. Business management trainer, Jean Gamester of Semaphora, advises on how companies can […]


BT Infinity Lab – Future Mobile Competition

BT Mobile and EE are calling startups and entrepreneurs driving innovation in mobile communication to apply to the Future Mobile competition.  Future Mobile competition aims to find new ways in boosting customers experience on the UK’s biggest 4G mobile network by engaging with startups worldwide through its Infinity Lab programme. Area of focus includes: Mobile apps and services […]


BWM Group Financial Services Innovation Lab 2016

BMW Group Financial Services and L Marks are searching for five startups to support in driving innovation in the car finance space – Innovation Lab 2016. BMW Group Financial Services is one of the world’s premium automotive finance providers and they’ve joint up with tech investor L Marks for the Innovation Lab 2016 programme. The […]


Why Businesses Need to Embrace Diversity

Embracing diversity can bring a great deal of benefits to a company and even lay the foundations for greater success. When a business maintains a diverse work environment, it can bring its employees together to create a culture of inclusiveness, where each individual feel valued and respected for their differences. Welcoming employees with different backgrounds and experiences can help […]


Entrepreneurs – Learn These Steps To Be More Competitive

Competition is an important aspect for business growth – A winning mentality and a competitive nature is key to business success. Competition helps a business think more innovatively, which is necessary for the growth of a business. In addition to innovation, a competitive business is forced to provide better quality service and leads to more satisfied customers, […]


ASOS and Wayra In Search For World’s Most Innovative Fashion-Tech Startups

ASOS and Wayra partner to find and accelerate innovative fashion tech startups to upgrade ASOS shopping experience for its 11 million customers around the world. They are looking for smart technologies to accelerate the pace of innovation within the fashion technology space, making the customer experience easier, more enjoyable, and more personalised. Existing startups, with a proven track record of developing technologies, products and services […]