Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s Message To Britain In Light Of Brexit

I believe that Britain is better off within the European Union, but the British people have clearly spoken, and their democratic will must now be fulfilled. I would like to praise David Cameron for the dignified way he has reacted to the message sent by the British people in his words at Downing Street. I […]


Count Down: 1 Day Till The EU Referendum Vote – What Are Small Businesses Saying

With only a day left till the Brits go to the polls to vote IN or OUT, here’s what small business owners are saying about the possible Brexit. The EU referendum on Thursday is happening as a result of David Cameron promising to hold one if his Conservative party won the 2015 general election. The argument for […]


Hey Mr Cameron, How About Investing Into UK Companies?

Politicians can still make profitable investments without creating a public outrage – However, it is unfortunately hard to avoid Mr Cameron’s recent tax affairs all over the news. We have to first understand exactly what type of investment David Cameron made and why people are so upset. His father, Ian Cameron, ran an offshore fund […]

Share your thoughts about the upcoming EU Referendum

Millennials – Share your thoughts about the upcoming EU Referendum

Millennials -Share your thoughts with us about the upcoming EU Referendum on 23rd June.  We would like to know what you all think about David Cameron’s EU deal. We carried out a Twitter poll recently to get an idea of how the millennial generation might vote regarding Brexit – The result shows that 67% would […]