Entrepreneurs looking for investors will need to sharpen their public speaking skills – It is natural to fear situations where your innovative idea will be judged.

The thought of speaking in public can make you nervous and your product pitching less effective even before you hit the stage.

You need to learn how to sell your innovation to potential investors without losing your confidence in the process.

We’ve put together 4 quick tips to help you master the art of facing the crowd:

Making Eye Contact

Not everyone is comfortable with making eye contact but failing to do so can show your insecurity and cause the listener to distrust what you’re saying. 

Adapt Your Content To The Audience

Depending on the type of show you’re attending, it is a must to research the audience you’re speaking to beforehand.

This will help you tailor your speech to engage the public and explain your idea in a memorable way.

Overloading On Content

Avoid the temptation to overload your presentation as this can confuse the audience. It should be easy to follow and straight to the point.

If you’re using a small amount of data, then ensure you explain ‘the need to know’ factor.

Your Body Movement

Speaking to a group of people puts you in the spotlight and can make you nervous, which in turn cause you to be fidgety.

You’re subconsciously focusing on something else other than those looking at you.

Enlist the help of a friend or record yourself practicing your speech then pick out any distracting body actions and correct them before going live.