Young People Vs Entrepreneurship

Google’s recent survey into UK’s entrepreneurial ambition says that 78% of young people are turned off about entrepreneurship – But what about the other millennials running their own ventures. Millennials are those born from 1980 up to the millennium, including those in the university age up to the mid-thirties. Some of the reasons, noted in the survey, […]

UK businesses

Technology boost for UK businesses

The EU Commission has published details on how UK businesses can increase productivity  through better access to technologies. The plans sets out ways to help businesses innovate, which includes improving access to cloud computing and services, data analytics and the Internet of Things. Business Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe comments: “The fourth industrial revolution will fundamentally change the way […]


Hey Mr Cameron, How About Investing Into UK Companies?

Politicians can still make profitable investments without creating a public outrage – However, it is unfortunately hard to avoid Mr Cameron’s recent tax affairs all over the news. We have to first understand exactly what type of investment David Cameron made and why people are so upset. His father, Ian Cameron, ran an offshore fund […]


BREXIT – Why You Hold The Key

As the Brexit debate rages on, the question of what a Britain set adrift from Europe would look like – not just in the short term but for generations to come – is being hotly debated. Most economists and business owners are in agreement – a Brexit would harm the UK’s economy. A survey by […]

New start-up Cab Guru

New start-up Cab Guru raises £2 Million fund to launch its taxi cab comparison app

New start-up Cab Guru raises over £2 million in funding to launch its taxi cab comparison app. The comparison app helps customers compare and book licensed taxis UK-wide. Cab Guru joins forces with over 300 major UK private and taxi companies in the hopes of competing with Uber, by giving customers real-time information to compare […]