These Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) female founders have been chosen to pitch their business ideas at one of the UK’s first incubator programme targeting ethnic minority-led startups – Female Founders Accelerator.

Launched recently by Hatch Enterprise – a London-based enterprise charity – together with support from NatWest and eBay, the Female Founders Accelerator programme is a small business network supporting British ethnic minority female entrepreneurs.

The initiative aims to spotlight and support more female founders of colour, across the sector, with access to skills training, funding and office space.

Hatch Enterprise Programme Manager, Bayo Adelaja, said: “Without support, nine out of 10 entrepreneurs will fail over any given three-year time period. For the BAME community, 19 out of 20 female founders will fail over the same time period.

“With our Female Founders (BAME) Accelerator, we want to reduce failure rates by 70%, enabling at least 14 out of the 20 female founders to build a sustainable business that survives beyond its third birthday.”

Here are the shortlisted female entrepreneurs pitching to develop their startup ideas:

Sahra Mohamed, founder, Skin Mama Ltd – A fair trade, vegan skincare company based on Qasil – a super ingredient from the leaves of an East African tree;

Yasmine Boudiaf, founder, Serious Datum – a behaviour changing technology that tackles unconscious bias in workplaces;

Elizabeth Akanbi-Ogabi, founder, For Working Ladies – a digital media platform for professional women;

Jenine Baptiste, founder, BAPTISTE – a luxury ready-to-wear brand, positioned in the designer womenswear market;

Joy Montgomery, founder, ON-SCREEN JM LONDON LTD – a production company offsetting costs for producers by sourcing loaned/discounted products for costume and set;

Bami Kuteyi, founder, Bam Bam Boogie Dance Fitness – aims to encourage women to pursue their goals in life;

Saidat Giwa-Osagie, founder, Adorli – celebrates the individual beauty of women by connecting them with emerging natural, organic and cruelty-free beauty brands through our marketplace;

Jennifer McCall, founder, BeLifted – London’s first and only Gospel workout. Most gyms focus on the external and looking good. BeLifted is all about a MIND and BODY workout.

Namrata Kamdar, founder, Plenaire – a skincare company curating a sharp, focused range of beauty essentials that will fulfil classic needs but recognizes the shifts in popular culture with our target that is being ignored by skincare and beauty industry in general.

Gaia Beck, founder, Cocktails & Conversation – curates heart-centred, high end, singles events. Profits from events go towards specific grassroots charity projects.

Yana Binaev, founder, Yana Binaev – raising awareness towards equality and diversity through creative direction and photography;

Joly Zou, founder, Solocal Travel – empowers women around the world to gain personal freedom via travelling;

Caroline Zimba, founder, Zimbayoga Ltd – the Destress in the City program by Zimbayoga empowers people with tools to lead inspired, healthy happy lives through the practice of yoga by bringing wellness into the workplace;

Eni Adeyemo, founder, Barbell Brunch Club – a fitness company/community where women can meet others and work out together;

Hema Selvaraj, founder, Hep Audrey Limited – a British jewellery brand selling beautiful and exquisite jewellery made from Sterling Silver or Gold featuring only natural, handpicked gemstones.

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