I Am New Generation Magazine’s Opinions section is open to business owners to pitch us ‘exclusive’ opinion focused pieces aimed at starting up, business growth or any topical topics linking business activity with current affairs.

For information purposes, I Am New Generation Magazine (iamnewgenmag) is an online lifestyle publication for young business owners and professionals under 35.

Launched in 2015, we are widely recognised across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, with the United Kingdom accounting for more than half of our global audience.

We also reach those beyond our initial target audience and our focus is both national and international.

Any pitched stories need to be informative, well-researched, current and engaging.

The pitched piece can also focus on discussion topics giving insight into issues centred around the business sector within your country or could potentially be of wider interest.

We also do not publish any pitched stories that are derogatory or offensive.

E ~ V ~ O is a global-focused journalism project launching in 2020 with young people under 35 at its centre.

Please check HERE for the most recently published opinion pieces and do take note that we do not want pitches that are disguised as an opinion when it is actually self-promoting. We will not respond or even publish it.

Each published piece will have the writer’s name, their business name and a link to their business website.

This will be promoted across all of our social media accounts and it will permanently remain on the magazine website.

These published pieces will be made exclusive to I Am New Generation Magazine, according to our Terms and Conditions, and you must certify that the piece has been written by you and has not appeared elsewhere.

If we discover otherwise, this will not be accepted and/or it will be removed from our website.

We strongly advise that our Terms and Conditions are read before contacting us or making any submission to us.

Any contact or submission to us [editorial@iamnewgeneration.co.uk] will mean that you have read and accepted the I Am New Generation Magazine’s ‘Terms and Conditions’.

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