An invincible cinematic screen experience titled – For Your Eyes Alone – has been launched by Santander in a bid to educate young people about sharing potentially sensitive personal information online.

The UK-wide campaign, ‘named as the world’s first invincible cinema’, shows films that are invincible to the naked eye, and can only be watched through special glasses.

To create the For Your Eyes Alone cinema display, polarised filters were removed from dozens of HD LCD screens to make it completely blank to the naked eye.  The same filters were then used to create the special lenses used to watch the films.

The free innovative initiative is currently touring UK universities teaching the younger generation about the dangers of exposing their banking and personal data on social media and falling victim to scammers.

Chris Ainsley, Head of Fraud Strategy at Santander said: “Today’s under 25s have grown up online and spend a great deal of time using devices and social media. However it’s evident that one of the pitfalls of their online lifestyles is a culture of over sharing and being careless with sensitive information – and this is leaving them highly vulnerable to scams and fraud.

“Our invisible cinema events are an innovative and entertaining way of raising awareness among this age group of the importance of keeping online banking details, passwords and personal information completely secret and for their eyes alone.”

Santander is also working in partnership with Barnardo’s to ensure that each event is open to a wider range of young people in the area.

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan said: “Barnardo’s supports some of the most vulnerable young people, including care leavers, to learn how to keep their financial information safe, alongside other valuable life skills.

“We really welcome Santander’s Invisible Cinema events, which will help young people we support and many others to understand the importance of keeping passwords secret and avoiding fraud.”