Waalflower is on a wireless mission to make charging your smart devices at home look elegantly stylish and economical at the same time.

The wall mounted wireless charger is all about keeping your tablet powered at all times while making it accessible and inexpensive.

One part of the hardware sees the product dock easily attach to a wall without any adhesive or screws – no need to call the handyman – while the adaptor part sticks, and plugs into the back of any tablet device.

Waalflower’s wireless mechanism, which combines house magnets and induction charging coils, will literally make your device stick and float magnetically while in a charging mode – no more tripping over any cables.

Waalflower - wireless
Waalflower eliminates the issues associated with cables and the device battery life.

Tech fanatic Arun Thangavel founded Waalflower, late last year, with his university friends turned cofounders – Matthew Hyland and Aaron Bent.

The 20-something-year-old is inspired to give consumers a better user experience that comes from just charging a device and, at the same time, keeping life on the go without the constant worry about replacing frayed cables.

“There’s a noticeable and incredibly rewarding experience building and designing hardware for users”

“We were compelled to create something better than the existing solutions on the market, which were wildly expensive, required professional installation and looked like an eyesore.

The idea has been in the works for well over a year and we started internally figuring out the elements we could bring together into an MVP.

Waalflower Team - wireless
The Waalflower team showcasing their hardware product during Central Research Laboratory accelerator pitching day.

Then at our earliest opportunity, we took our rough and ready prototype to potential customers to get feedback, which makes sure we are building our product with the users in mind.

Waalflower is the new, neater way to wirelessly charge your iPad or tablet, but charging wirelessly is just the start.

From controlling your smart home through your tablet to navigating your tablet hands-free whilst cooking, Waalflower will change and enhance the way you use your device.

There’s a noticeable and incredibly rewarding experience building and designing hardware for users.

Creating something someone can pick up for the first time and intuitively use and enjoy is a hard task, but one that gets me and the team out of bed in the morning.”