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Female Entrepreneurs – Join These Networking Groups

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute ranked the UK as the 3rd best country for Female entrepreneurship but there is still room for improvement.  The report highlighted a 7% increase in female entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business within the next 5 years but a 19% drop in female-founded technology businesses. The study released earlier this year also recognised […]

Healthy Ways To Nurture Your Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Four Healthy Ways To Nurture Your Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

A typical entrepreneurial lifestyle revolves around the growth of one’s business ideas – Take these healthier approaches to nurture your entrepreneurial habits and boost your productivity. It is believed that entrepreneurs are not natural-born but rather a mixture of well-developed habits. This is a case of nature versus nurture. So, how do you nourish your entrepreneurial traits […]

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Putting Customers In The Front

HM Revenue and Customs recent failure in the handling of its customers calls reaffirms the need for businesses to regularly put customer service at its forefront. According to the members of the Public Accounts Committee, HMRC was accused of not responding to 50% of its customers phone calls against its target of 80%.  Learning from their demise, […]

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Make Students Top of the Agenda Again in Higher Education

The government wants your say on plans to put students back at the heart of Higher Education. A green paper proposal, published by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, is looking to reshape higher education. They want to give a service that is better value for money and boost the number of those from disadvantaged […]

Get More Out Of Tweeting On Twitter

Get More Out Of Tweeting On Twitter

Tweeting bland corporate messages will result in you been unfollowed before you realise it. Twitter has an average of 100 million users and 500 million tweets sent each day globally, so there is huge potential for businesses to connect with existing and new customers. By simply tweeting an engaging content to your ideal target market can increase the number of […]