#mystartupstoryuk – June 13 marked the launch of My Startup Story event as the place for inspirational young entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial stories and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

The very first group of young speakers to grace the stage at #mystartupstoryuk were the founders of Pouch, Twipes and Onaria Technologies (PlaqueChecker).

They discussed how they started their business, their beliefs about entrepreneurship, tips on creating a healthy company culture and team, the importance of choosing the right business partner, their experience of running a business, and how to build your founder story.

The three main objectives of the event were –

  1. Empowering others – whether young or old;
  2. To be seen as a leader – inspiring others to kickstart or develop their own enterprise;
  3. To be a form of support for others to venture beyond their comfort zone and achieve their full potential.

Here’s a little snippet of how the evening unfolded:

Images Copyright: I Am New Generation Magazine / Chloe Kwamin (Photographer)

Meet the next My Startup Story young founders – 15th November 2018

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