Young Blood: Defining A Generation

A new report titled ‘Young Blood’ gives a unique insight into Britain’s youth culture who are often mislabelled as couch potatoes or screenagers.

Marketing agency Amplify created an in-depth white paper and a 7-part documentary series to show the lives of young people in the UK and their driven nature to be successful on their own terms.

They spoke to over 2,500 young Brits, age 13-25, including youth influencers, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Bexy Cameron, Head of Insight and Content at Amplify explains: “Young people are ripping up the rule book of their parents and grandparents, using technology to rewrite the way they define everything from friendships to their genders.

“Essentially they are saying “fuck this” to the expectations of previous generations – whether that’s career paths, modes of rebellion or role models.

“They’ve grown up through a recession and live their lives through the lens of social media scrutiny and now they’re writing their own rules to find happiness.”

The report findings show that in terms of: – 

  • Traditional Status Symbols – 44% equate happiness with success;
  • Save and Share – 8% have no savings, 40% prefer to rent music and 26% prefer to rent than buy a car;
  • Passion as Profession – 32% say achieving their personal goals is the key to success;
  • Fluid Identities – 12% attribute it to their geographical roots and 40% say clothes should not be gender specific;
  • The New Face of Rebellion – 35% would find a way of changing things they didn’t like while 34% say poor health is their bigger concern for health. 


The 7-minute video talks about ‘Defining A Generation’.

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