Designing an attractive window display for your retail startup might be one of your least things to worry about but it can be the make-or-break factor in your customer’s decision. 

Whether you’re new to the scene or you’ve been running your business for a while – getting your window display just right is a tough gig but it’s doable.

Take the time to walk down your local high street and you’ll see a huge variety of creative signs trying to entice you to spend your hard-earned cash.

It is a difficult process to try and balance your product and price while trying to maintain an original look without threatening to overwhelm the customer with too much information.

Here are 5 tips to help you create an eye-catching store display and lure customers to your store:

Empathic Intelligence

Literally become your customer – check out how your store looks like from outside and make a note of where your eye level is. This is where you want to place your display and tell your story.

If it’s too high then customers will have to work hard to follow your narrative and if it’s too low then your products risk being overlooked entirely.

You might want to consider tieing a string from one end of the window to the other to act as a visual reminder of the area you are working in.

Sell Your Business Story

Before you start liberally peppering your window front with products, take a step back and get a plan in place.

What season is coming up – Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas? Give your story a name and then use some unusual accessories or stage props to really make the display pop.

It might seem obvious but these particular events can be used to plot your display look and create a visual story to bring in potential customers.

Get Creative

Subtlety is all too easily lost in shop fronts so if you’re planning to use mannequins then think about bright colours and bold designs to make it stand out.

There are a huge variety of mannequins for sale so be experimental and reflect your business style.

Think Lights…lots of it

All too often overlooked but a perfect lighting scheme can set your display off with a bang. From subtle Christmas LED snowflakes to the disco ball extravaganza, a little goes a long way.

Make sure you’re showcasing your prized products more than anything else in your display.

Time To Reflect

Take a good hard look at your window display and see how it looks like from every point as you walk past – don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

Think clean, uncluttered and be daring and creative with how you want your business’s display to look like. Remember, the aim is to draw people into your store.