Your brand logo is the face of the company and ultimately defines your entire business.

Designing your business logo is the perfect opportunity to convey your brand, its ethics and personality.

Yet, creating an effective design isn’t always an easy task for beginners.

You need to ensure that your logo is memorable, unique and leaves a positive long-lasting impression on your customers.

Follow these top five tips on how to create the perfect brand logo:

Understand Your Brand

Before you start the design process of your logo, you need to think about your target market, your competitors and how it’s going to be presented on your marketing materials.

It’s worth researching similar brands and seeing what they have achieved with their design.

You might need to create a mood board to get to grips with your brand’s personality and understand how your logo will communicate its distinct message.

Use Colours Wisely

The colours used for your logos are important to the overall image of your branding technique.

Remember that you need to consider the background colours that the logo is being used on. For example, if the logo is predominantly white, it’s not feasible to use it on a website with a white background.

Each colour implies a different emotion and can be associated with certain meanings. Colours should be attention grabbing and bring the brand to life.

Brand Logo
Attention grabbing colours.

Be Careful With Your Font Choice

Your logo should be easy to read and have a clear and distinct font which relates to your brand’s overall personality.

Some well-known brands abbreviate their brand names using the same font, however new companies should avoid this strategy at all costs.

If your business relies on customers from passers-by, then your logo needs to be clear, readable and easily recognised to ensure the optimum levels of brand awareness.

Keep Your Logo Design Simple

The most successful brands own logos which are both simple and identifiable. Using this strategy has seen them stand the test of time and gain worldwide recognition.

You don’t want potential customers having to sit and stare at your logo in order to grasp a meaning. Avoid busy patterns or too much detailing that takes attention away from the simple message of your brand.

Make It Stand Out

Your logo design needs to be distinctive in order to create a unique look for your brand. It’s not always easy to deviate from the norm especially within your specific industry, but your logo needs to imprint a very powerful ‘stamp’ on your customer’s minds.

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