Tommy Williams’ e-commerce startup All Shades Covered is re-inventing the Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty industry by changing the way black women shop for hair care products.

The team.

Tommy, 26, and his co-founder, Sanmi Ogunmola, 28, launched All Shades Covered to provide affordable hair care products directly to customers by cutting out the middleman.

The pair, who met while working for a Nigerian-based online retailer Jumia, share their entrepreneurial story with us and their passion for wanting to ‘fundamentally change the hair industry‘.

The young founders discussed how they built their startup, their thoughts concerning the future of the Black hair industry, how they raised funds for their business, working together as co-founders and three pieces of advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

Video Credit: I Am New Generation, All Shades Covered, and Mercy Ankama.

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