Getting ready to pitch your business idea directly to investors or showcasing your innovation at a public pitching competition – These young founders share their first pitching experiences and what they could have done differently. 

Whether you’re trying to gather monetary support to launch your startup, or you’re simply looking to attract the right network to grow your innovation, how you project yourself and your idea matters.

In this short ‘Vox Pop’ video, founders of CLiKD Dating App (Matthew Milner), Encore (James McAulay), Sweat & Sound (Ariana Alexander-Sefre), Cosi Care (Lauren Bell), The Femedic (Monica Karpinski) and ExplorR (Mark Yeo Tee Shen) take a look back at their first experience of trying to secure funding for their ideas and offer some detailed tips on getting it right:

Images and Video Copyright – I Am New Generation Magazine

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