There are so many companies out there doing the exact same thing while fighting for their brand to be a better option than their competitors – Even more difficult when it’s within an oversaturated market.

So the question is – how do you set apart your business from competitors and ensure that your unique selling point (USP) is not missed by consumers?

It’s not just about creating stunts, on or offline, to get people talking about your product or service.

If you’re a small business competing with a well-established company within the same target market, you need to understand how they are targeting the consumer’s need and effectively fill the gap they’re failing to meet.

Here are four strategies to boost your brand’s visibility and its competitive advantage:

Provide An Exceptional Customer Service

The service you’re offering must be above and beyond your competitors as this will send out a strong brand message and further drive sales.

For example, if you’re running a food business then your delivery service and its food packaging bags, must be a unique and memorable experience for your customers.

The business needs to provide a service unlike no other, something your customers can’t get anywhere else.

This will strategically position your brand in its own uniqueness and word of mouth will spread.

Focus On the Niche

The first rule here is – there’s no point trying to appeal to everyone.

Your brand can stand out from the crowd by defining its target audience, building a relationship, and then developing a product or service clearly reflecting the feedback gained from consumers.

Another route is to leverage your business’s connection with its customers to help them discover a need that they didn’t realise they had in the first place.

Company Culture

Having a great company culture is highly beneficial for your employees and the business, but it also acts as a really powerful marketing tool as well.

Recognise that your staff is the business’s ambassadors and they will spread the word about your company if they’re happy working there.

People also love to know what goes on behind the scenes and if you can make this visible, whether through social media or on your website, then customers will feel closer to your brand.

This also goes a long way to making your company approachable and your customer interactions more personable.

Customer Offerings

Product offers are a great way to attract customers in the first instance, and the opportunity to assure them that they can trust your brand and its service.

Help your customers take out the risk for them making a purchase from your company instead of your competitors.

This could be either through price discounts, a stress-free shipping service or any other benefits to justify the need for your brand.

Creating a strong competitive advantage for your brand requires you offering a service that your competitors cannot replicate, and this will increase the likelihood your customers will understand and buy into your brand message.