This fitness immersive experience – Rapitation – is using Hip Hop music and Spoken word forms during meditation workouts to boost mental health and wellbeing and redefine how we do mindfulness. 

Organised by Sweat & Sound – a wellbeing startup hosting secret transformative dance and fitness events across London – Rapitation is a new creative approach to getting people to take better control of their mental health.

Bid as “the world’s first rap and spoken word meditation experience“, the Pop-up project invites UK Grime stars and Spoken word artists to perform LIVE intimate music during yoga and meditation sessions.

The aim is to use music and poetry to create a more mesmeric form of escapism and have a stronger impact when practicing mindfulness.

The first ‘Rapitation’ event launched in January 2019 at 42 Acres Shoreditch, London, and the artists on the night were ScissorSmith, a spoken word poet and hairdresser, and Lemzi, a UK Hip Hop and Grime artist using lyricism to create a meditative experience.

Ariana Alexander-Sefre, founder of Sweat & Sound, is set on disrupting the wellness industry and drive awareness around merging poetry, words, and music with mindfulness to improve mental wellbeing:


Image and Video copyright – I Am New Generation Magazine

Updated – 7th May 2020

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