Cheaper and much lighter than both the 3D printed and current Orthopaedic casts which are made from plaster or fibreglass – Cadgets’ bioplastic material cuts down on operation time as it requires no extra casting equipment.

This next-gen waterproof cast can easily be stretched like a sheet and individually moulded to each patient, which then hardens and becomes stiff after a few minutes.

Its lattice design makes it breathable and more hygienic, which is in stark contrast to the current casts which are bulky and difficult to use in showers.

Created in 2018 by Mint Suchaya Mahuttanatan, the idea for Cadget was sparked when Suchaya remembered the day-to-day difficulties faced by her father when he broke his arm.

The invention aims to boost patients’ bone healing experience and make it affordable to use by doctors around the world.

According to the Guardian, the average cost of Orthopedic treatments on the NHS in the UK – between 2014-2015 alone – was estimated to be over £2,000 per person.

Suchaya’s invention is set to be piloted in Thailand – a country which recently did a U-turn on its healthcare system to tackle the issue of high insurance premiums and offer universal health service through taxation.

Image and Video Copyright – @iamnewgenmag

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