London’s Bankside is centre stage for these five young emerging artists as they launch a new artwork project titled Beyond Boundaries, aimed at ‘bringing people together’.

A partnership between Tate Collective and Better Bankside, Beyond Boundaries showcases the talents of young creatives at a particularly challenging time for the arts.

Each artist produced these pieces of artwork in response to the Covid lockdown, the easing of restrictions, and the chance to see people again – with the resulting works focused on reconnecting people with each other, their local area and art:

  • Artist Koby Martin’s artwork uses the Ghanaian symbol funtunfunefu denkyemfunefu (Siamese crocodile), which represents unity – an overarching theme of the work;
  • Blk Moody Boi asks “what does it mean to be safe outside?” and his illustration shares a message of solidarity, while reflecting on the experience of communities that must consider how they move in a space;
  • Zeinab Saleh invites passersby to reflect on the role that music and creativity plays in our daily lives, especially during a period of lockdown;
  • Hannah Hill pays homage to the local people in her chosen area through a series of motifs inspired by shared stories and research;
  • Megan Visser reflects on the ability of food to bring people together. She covers the ground with images of playful abstracted body parts, creating a psychical meeting point where people can stop and eat.

Péjú Oshin, Curator: Young People’s Programme at Tate says: “Beyond Boundaries is about bringing people together; be it through the artist community who have developed the works or the public who will engage with them through chance encounters. The project has created a vital space for these young artists to critically engage with their own practice whilst reflecting on what it means to experience art that exists beyond the walls of our galleries. It has been a pleasure to support these talented young artists through this process and I look forward to seeing how their careers develop.”

The newly launched Beyond Boundaries artworks can be seen around these locations – Tate Modern and the Bankside neighbourhood; Southwark Street, Gambia Street, St. Felix Place, Canvey Street and Great Suffolk Street – and will remain in place for the next 12 months.

Images Copyright – Tate (Sam Day) / Artists Own / Better Bankside (Mickey Lee) / Nina Manandhar / Edited by I Am New Generation Magazine

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