Screenwriters from around the world are invited to write a screenplay for a short film tackling ‘the stigma’ linked to people talking out about mental health.

The global screenwriting competition, launched by Layla – a Canadian-based mental health service – together with Open Screenplay – an online community helping writers break into the film industry – is aimed at using the ‘power of storytelling and creativity‘ to open a dialogue about the ‘stigma that still too often surrounds the topic of mental health‘.

Writers are invited to write a mental health screenplay with the grand winner awarded $1,500 CAD (around £850) plus having their screenplay virtually produced and turned into a short film.

Two runners-up will see one receive a prize of $500 CAD and another receive a prize of $250 CAD, and both will also get a chance to be produced.

For any applicants making submissions – any production of the winning screenplay will have to adhere to the COVID-19 physical distancing requirements.

Layla’s partnership with Open Screenplay comes at a time where ‘recent events have left many people feeling anxious, isolated, lonely and with a loss of independence and control over their own life’.

“The contest encourages writers to use the immense power of storytelling to tackle the challenges of speaking openly about mental health,” said Samer Abughannam, founder and CEO of Layla, “working to replace stigma with empowerment and isolation with community”.

Deadline for applications is 21st June 2020.


Image Copyright – Unsplash

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