The giant footprints sand art – titled Time to Walk the Walk – is calling on G7 world leaders to ‘not just talk the talk when it comes to sustainability, but to walk the walk’.

Commissioned by sustainable footwear brand Allbirds, the sand art appears opposite a seaside resort Carbis Bay where the 47th G7 summit is taking place this weekend in Cornwall, south west of England.

The Gwithian Bay footprints represent carbon emissions per person in the G7 compared to the global average. 

With climate change top of the summit’s “build back better” agenda, the pair of footprints serve as a reminder for the seven nations to lead by example and commit to cutting carbon emissions now, rather than in the future.

According to research, the average person globally emits 4.7 tonnes of CO2each year, whereas people living in G7 nations average 9.2 tonnes.

Allbirds co-founder Joey Zwillinger  said: “Climate change is the problem of our generation and we need to act now, and act together. If we’re going to successfully tackle this mess that we’re in, we need to step it up a notch and start holding ourselves accountable.

“Nobody is perfect – including us – but we need to see the leaders of the G7 use their global leadership position to drive down their carbon footprints today, leading the way in the climate crisis.”

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