Startups and SMEs are invited to urgently apply for funding from the European Innovation Council to create technologies and other innovations to help in treating, testing and monitoring the Coronavirus outbreak.

With a budget of €164m (over £148m), the Commission is looking to fast track the awarding of the EIC grant in this round of funding – a combination of grant and equity investment – to Coronavirus-focused innovations provide access to other types of funding and investment sources.

The deadline for applying to the EIC Accelerator – a public funding programme that funds risk innovation in small businesses – has now been extended to Friday 20th March 2020 at 5 pm (Brussels local time).

The EIC is already supporting a number of organisations with sustainable ideas aimed at eradicating the Coronavirus epidemic, such as the EpiShuttle project – specialised isolation units, the m-TAP project – a filtration technology, which removes viral material, and the MBENT project, which tracks human mobility during epidemics.

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