Building the business brand identity is not something you do once then stop – It requires continuous investment to avoid losing its appeal and relevancy.

While you do need to spend some time creating your visual brand images, its guidelines, and thinking about your company’s mission and values, the most important next step is forging your brand identity.

You can avoid the risk of stalling your startup’s growth just by having ready short and long-term plans on raising brand awareness and boosting its integrity.

Take a look at these seven simple steps for shaping your company’s brand message:

Crafting Your Social Media Interactions

Social media is an effective tool for spreading brand awareness and it’s often visual, which gives you plenty of opportunities to use and develop your brand voice.

The likes of Twitter and Instagram gives you a direct line of communication with your customers so you can answer their questions and engage them in discussions to showcase your brand personality.

Encourage your employees to also set up profiles connected to the company’s corporate account to further boost its presence.

Just remember to have clear social media posting guidelines to avoid any reputation damage.

Incorporating Your Company Logo Into A Branded Look

If you’re running a business that’s public facing, you might want to consider creating a branded look.

You don’t necessarily need to have a uniform but you could think about incorporating your company’s logo colour or product into a fashionable outfit for your team.

Fashion retailers often ask their staff to wear their own stock, which is a fun way to advertise the products they have on sale.

This can also make employees instantly recognisable, even if they’re not wearing a full uniform.

Designing Your Email Signature

Using your email signature design to establish your business brand identity can be very effective without you doing or saying too much.

Your signature could have a logo, social media links, and brand colours, as well as your name and your position in the company.

Consider spending some time on personalising it instead of just using the standard template.

Don’t miss out on any valuable opportunity to get your brand across to consumers.

Styling Your Meet The Team Page

Using your company’s meet the team website page is a fun way to personalise and humanise your brand.

You can use creative images of your staff to promote your brand identity by using videos, a GIF or even an illustration of each of your employees.

Using social media and other communication methods can also show the individual personalities of your team and how they fit into your company.

Branding Your Boring Data

Sounds boring and could be perceived as being difficult to mark out as your own, nevertheless, it can boost your brand identity.

For example, when forming a mental picture of a particular data in a graph or chart, it doesn’t need to be plain or a drag to read.

It can still feature your brand colours or be designed in a certain style.

However, it is important to make the visualised data clear and easy to read. Avoid overdoing the branding as this could draw attention away from what you’re presenting.

Promotional Give Away Materials

Although it’s a very popular strategy used by most companies to directly get their brand across to existing and potential new customers, promotional items need to be seen as something useful and not a burden.

You need to tailor these branded materials according to the service your company offers for it to be relevant.

For some companies, pens and travel mugs might be more suitable if they’re running a travel agency or a stationery business.

While a Sport related company might look into giving away water bottles or exercise training pieces of equipment.

The last thing you want is your costly branded product ending up in the bin because the consumer fails to see what value it’s adding to their life.

Branded Packaging

Put some thought into your packaging and create a special product experience that says something about your brand.

Branded packaging could include boxes with your logo and company name printed on them, tissue paper, stickers, flyers, inserts and other packaging items.

This is another way of advertising your brand and in doing so, you’re elevating your customer orders to something more special without a lot of effort.