Urenna Cashmere app

Fashion Meets Finance With Urenna Okonkwo’s ‘Cashmere App’

This fintech social savings platform for fashionable millennials is all you need now to live as lavishly as possible without having to dip into your savings – All thanks to Urenna Okonkwo’s Cashmere app. Cashmere app uses MangoPay digital wallet to help young women save regularly each month to spend on luxury items without the need […]

Starting Up

Three Ways To Protect Your Business Funds When Starting Up

There is no bigger threat to your startup than a lack of revenue when starting out as a small business owner. With such a small chance of surviving past the five first years, the work you put into building a solid foundation for yourself and safeguarding your business might just be what you need to […]

Simon Crowther - flood defence business 'Flood Protection Solutions'

I Used My Student Loan to Self-Fund My Business

I often see entrepreneurs bragging about how they dropped out from University to launch a business – I hope this is proof that you can do both. Simon Crowther launched his flood defence business ‘Flood Protection Solutions’ just three weeks after starting his Civil Engineering course at the University of Nottingham in 2012. He explains […]


How To Overcome The Barriers Of Being A Young Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted – No matter your age, demographic or determination, an entrepreneur’s career path is rough and you need to be thick skinned in order to handle the bumps and bruises you’ll get along the way. Let’s not forget that approximately 95% of new ventures will fail so it takes […]

Small Businesses – Take Control Of When You Get Paid

Cash-flow is incredibly important for a startup, small business, freelancer or a sole-trader. Achieving growth without good cash-flow is a task that would tax even the most canny entrepreneur.  It allows the bills and wages to be paid and the business to survive during the sticky periods that any emerging business will face. Cash-flow also […]

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Funding Competitions for Student Entrepreneurs/SME 2016

Young entrepreneurs are most likely to struggle for funding, according to a recent growth report from Albion Ventures for small businesses.  The survey of over 1,000 companies revealed that 28% of entrepreneurs aged under 35 were having problems accessing funds in comparison to 15% of those over 55’s. Albion Growth Report also found a growing […]