‘Learn your limits….drop some goals’ – We asked the business community to share their insider tips on how they handle mental health at work. 

Beyond ‘World Mental Health Day‘, these useful tips can still remain relevant and be your go-to-guide for having a healthy work-life balance.

Learn your limits

Learn your limits – once I worked out what the warning signs are when I’m approaching burn out and acted on them, I’ve been able to work much more steadily. You may have to drop some goals to do this.

Sorrel Gilbert – Sorrel’s PM Times

Walk outside for at least 30 minutes every day

I leave my desk and walk outside for at least 30 minutes every day come rain or shine. It gives my eyes a break from the screen, my mind a break from the continuous ping of emails and, time to think about something other than work – may also be nothing at all.

The fresh air and walking always make me feel like I’ve had a real physical and mental break, and I’m ready to carry on when I get back.

Charlotte Moore – Smoothie PR

Have a list of wins you can call on at any time

Have a list of wins you can call on at any time when you’re lacking confidence. I used to suffer with imposter syndrome that caused me to undercharge while also impacting my mental health.

For anyone else who lacks confidence in the workplace, take time to go back through what you’ve achieved and make all those wins easily accessible so you can remind yourself of how great you are.

Jess Shanahan – Racing Mentor

Take time off for mental health

Categories for requesting time off are – GP, hospital, dental, counseling or mental wellbeing appointment. It’s important to ensure employees realise it’s just as acceptable to take time off for mental health as it is to go to the dentist.

Sarah Dowzell – Natural HR

Focus your mind on something else

I take many small breaks during the day but I work hard in between. I make sure to focus my mind on something else during my breaks like playing a game or reading. This helps me stay productive and focused.

Hans Desjarlais – FlightList

Staying fit and eating healthy

Staying fit and eating healthy is how I manage my mental health. Doing that is actually not an opinion, but rather a must for me in order to have the energy to fulfill my daily tasks, seven days per week.

Kalina Halatcheva – Nouri Health

Saying NO more often

I’m helping my mental health by saying no more often and realising it’s not selfish to do what’s best for me.

Lucy Locket – Lucy Locket Loves

Take the mask off

I reached a point in my career where I became exhausted from delivering a performance and pretending to be someone else – I used to wear a mask to work every day. The most liberating moment I have ever experienced is when I remembered I haven’t always worn a mask and I made the decision to take it off.

Gina Battye – ginabattye.com

Use the school run to get away from the screen

I juggle my work life with being a mum to two fabulous, but not yet independent teenagers. I work from home running my own business and it’s all too easy to slide down into the office at 7 am and not take a break until your tummy tells you to.

So I find the school run an opportunity to get away from the screen, take time to talk with my children, get some fresh air and clear my thoughts – it feels almost like a commute. When I get back, I make a cuppa and get the day started.

Jane Arthern – FMCGenie

Speak to someone

My one tip would be support and buddy networks. I’ve found it easier to talk to someone who had experienced mental health issues as they understand what you’re going through and you don’t feel judged by them.

Within the workplace, it’s important to have these networks of people that you can relate to, someone to have a chat with when you’re struggling and it also helps you realise that things can improve.

Donna Davies – More Than Mum Network

Reflection time with no technology

We go for a walk to start the day and also at lunchtime with no technology. This encourages you to have reflection time and also a break away from screens and really helps with mental clarity.

Amy Mooring – Hunter & Gather Foods

People are not automatons

Offices are not factories. People are not automatons. For us, the variety of space and home-ification of the work environment allows us to find the right space for the task of the momentary state of mind.

David O’Coimin – Nook Pod

Meditation and Mindfulness

I have found meditation and mindfulness to be one of the most helpful activities in managing my mental health. I use the Headspace app, which guides you through meditation practices, with different guides for different thoughts and feelings.

Meditation has helped me make better decisions in my businesses and in my personal life and given me more space to enjoy my time.

I have found myself more able to make positive changes in my life, which in turn has helped me feel more fulfilled and more relaxed, which is something I had found difficult while running a busy company and starting a new business.

Vikki Little – Feisty Consultancy

Reset the brain

Running a business can sometimes be very stressful so to help my mental state and health, I make sure I take good long breaks away from technology and the business – Reset my brain.

Carly Thompsett – Anaphase Store

Walk the dog

I have two jobs – on the days I go to proper work I leave the house at 7:30 am and don’t have the time to walk the dog. On the days I work in my own business, I have the time to walk her.

Sometimes only half an hour, but it sets me up for the day and somehow I seem more productive and settled into the day.

Tracey Ball – rockin’ good co

Updated 11th January 2019


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