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Learn how to keep a full-time job and a business from part-time entrepreneur Zain Khan whose daily struggle is running his networking app business 'Bump'...

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Tommy Williams' ecommerce startup AllShadesCovered is re-inventing the Afro-Caribbean hair and beauty industry by changing the way black women shop for hair care products. Tommy,...



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Join amazing start-up technology companies, angels, VCs and investors for an evening of learning and networking. Hear from great speakers on how they've raised funds...
Women in innovation

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A Getty Images photo exhibition is looking to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs and innovators - Innovate UK's infocus 'Women In Innovation'...


Sport Tech

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A new incubator dedicated to making London the hot spot for sport and innovation has opened its first application process exclusively to SportTech startups...
Fair By Design

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Wayra - a Telefónica backed accelerator network - is launching a new startup accelerator programme 'Fair By Design' to solve Britain's so-called 'poverty premium'. Wayra Fair...



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The saying goes that friends should never go into business together but my partnership with my co-founder has been strengthened by our friendship. Tom Gatzen,...
Gender Bias

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One thing I've realised is that too many investment decisions are made based on judgements influenced by widely held beliefs about someone's age, gender,...



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Defining Your USP - Knowing your startup's 'Unique Selling Point' before launching will help form a big part of your business success. It is important...
Growth Hacking

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Vincent Dignan, a writer and professional speaker, helps to grow early-stage companies through rapid social media growth and guerrilla community management tactics - He...